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Family of Tel Aviv shooter express mixed reactions to attack

The slew of measures announced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against Palestinians is in the wake of the June 8 shooting in a popular Tel Aviv nightspot, the deadliest attack in a months-long wave of violence
Hazem Bader (AFP)
The US State Department released a statement calling on Israel not to collectively punish Palestinians

The father of one of the Palestinian gunman involved in a terror attack in Tel Aviv on Wednesday that killed four Israelis has expressed disbelief that his son could have been responsible, Haaretz reports.

"He never even spoke about the most recent [knife] intifada," Ahmad Mahamra, a resident of Yatta, said.

Nonetheless, Mahamra attributed his son's actions to their circumstances.

"Our conditions drove or motivated them to do these things," he said, while Mohammed's older brother Hussen Ahmad, said he was "proud of what Mohammed did. I know that my brother showed discipline."

Mohammed Mahamra carried out the attack with his cousin, Khaled Mohammed Mahmra, at the Sarona shopping and dining complex in central Tel Aviv, which injured a further 16 people. Both were arrested following the attack, one at the scene of the shooting and the other after an off-duty police officer inadvertently invited him into his home when the gunman asked for some water.

Khaled's father, Mussa, also expressed "shock" at his son's actions, while blaming their conditions. "Yes, [Khaled] would talk about the occupation. If the occupation ends, then there'd be no troubles, no attacks," he said, quoted in Haaretz.

Both Ahmed and Mussa both now fear that their homes will be demolished by the Israeli authorities in punishment.

Meanwhile, the US State Department on Thursday released a statement calling on Israel not to collectively punish Palestinians.

"We understand the Israeli government's desire to protect its citizens…and we strongly support that right, but we would hope that any measures it takes are designed to also take into consideration the impact on Palestinian citizens that are trying to go about their daily lives," said State Department Spokesperson Mark Toner in a press briefing.

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More law-breaking 'collective punishment' on its way from criminal Israel, the US will still continue to bankroll the illegal occupation.

yes fantastic news Mr Farmer, isnt it?America giving Israel millions of dollars to occupy a foreign land!! Tell me Mr Farmer..is your Palestine a signatory to the Geneva conventions?

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