Quantcast i24NEWS - Netanyahu warns Rouhani: 'Iran will be in danger if it attacks Israel'

Netanyahu warns Rouhani: 'Iran will be in danger if it attacks Israel'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would not take part in a meeting at a France-led peace conference with Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas, but would speak to him "directly, without preconditions"
"Iran should understand that Israel is not a rabbit, it is a tiger," says Netanyahu to Kazakhstan's president

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday conveyed a warning to Iran through Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev while on a diplomatic visit to the central Asian country.

During their talks Nazarbayev asked Netanyahu whether he has any messages to convey to Iran's President Rouhani who will also be visiting Kazakhstan next week. Netanyahu agreed to Nazarbayev's proposition and asked him to inquire why Iran is threatening Israel.

Netanyahu also wished to pass on a fierce warning to Rouhani, saying that "Iran should understand that Israel is not a rabbit, it is a tiger. If Iran ever hurts Israel it will put itself in danger."

Haim Zach (GPO)

Sources close to Netanyahu said this wasn't a message aimed to provoke, but rather one which needs to be put forth since those who threaten Israel should know the exact state of things. Also, it should be noted that Netanyahu's massage had no connection to earlier publications made by Iran today calling for the extermination of Israel, according to NRG.

Shortly after media began reporting about Netanyahu and Nazarbayev, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urged Muslims to unite with the Palestinians to fight the "Zionist regime."

"As I‘ve said before, if Muslims & Palestinians unite & all fight, the Zionist regime will not be in existence in 25 years," Khamenei wrote on Twitter.

Iran earlier this week also issued a warning to the US, saying that Israel and the Gulf Arab states would be obliterated if "enemies" imposed a war on Iran.

The election in the United States of Donald Trump has led to fears among US allies in the Persian Gulf that a conflict could erupt, said Iran's defense minister Hossein Dehghan.

Concerning Iranian threats, Netanyahu wants to discuss with US President-elect Trump ways to undo the Iran nuclear deal.

"I think what options we have are much more than you think. Many more," Netanyahu said in the interview with CBS's "60 minutes."

Don Emmert (AFP)

Netanyahu gave no details on what he will be proposing when he meets with Trump, but minimized the downside of Washington backing out of an accord that includes other world powers, including its European allies.

"There are ways, various ways of undoing it," he said. "I have about five things in my mind."

A senior Israeli official reportedly said that the two men will meet sometime in the first half of 2017.

The official also said that Netanyahu had already convened with national security advisers and begun to formulate a plan.

Iran and Israel have been arch-foes since the 1979 Islamic revolution.



Iran will get itself nuked off the face of the earth, should they attack Israel.

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