Quantcast i24NEWS - Israel jails Druze resident for spying on behalf of Syrian regime

Israel jails Druze resident for spying on behalf of Syrian regime

Israeli soldiers patrol along the Israel-Syria border on March 5, 2014 after Israel's army said it struck two members of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah as they tried to plant a bomb near the border
AFP/Jalaa Marey
Druze-Israeli citizen previously jailed for espionage, resumed shortly after release from prison in 2012

An Israeli court on Tuesday sentenced a Druze-Israeli citizen from the northern village of Majd al-Shams to 14 years in prison for passing information about the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to Syrian intelligence.

A local magistrate's court in Nazareth convicted 50-year-old Sudki al-Makat of collaborating with a foreign agent and providing Syrian intelligence with information regarding ties between Israel and rebel forces fighting against President Bashar Al-Assad's regime.

Makat had previously served 27 years in prison for spying on Israel for Syria.

He was released in August 2012, and shortly thereafter resumed collecting intelligence on behalf of Syria, according to the indictment.

The indictment stated that Makat recorded information about Israel's military activities on the Syrian border and relayed them to Syrian intelligence by uploading the information to various Internet platforms, including Facebook.

The charges against him include severe espionage, assistance an enemy during wartime, support for a terrorist organization, contact with a foreign agent, in addition to a host of other security offenses.


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