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Israeli security forces negotiate with hunger striking prisoners: reports

Hundreds of Palestinian protesters detained by Israel began a hunger strike on April 17 led by prominent leader Marwan Barghouti.
Palestinian sources say Shin Bet chief is holding negotiations with hunger strikers ahead of Trump's visit

Palestinian sources reported on Friday that negotiations are underway to end a mass Palestinian hunger strike ahead of US President Donald Trump’s first visit to Israel, slated for Monday.

The sources say that Israel has commissioned the head of Israel’s top security agency, the Shin Bet, in order to negotiate with the prisoners.  

On Friday, at least 51 Palestinians were injured during clashes with Israeli security forces which took place amid protests held in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in solidarity with the prisoners.

Demonstrations were being held throughout the Palestinian territories on Friday following calls by several militant factions in the Gaza Strip for a "Day of Rage" to take place.

Dozens of Palestinians were wounded by tear gas and rubber bullets, medics said.

The most violent clashes took place in the West Bank, in the villages of Beita and Bait Djan near Nablus, the Palestinian Red Crescent said.

The so-called "Freedom and Dignity" strike, orchestrated by imprisoned Fatah member Marwan Barghouti, has sparked a number of demonstrations across the West Bank since it began on April 17.

Hunger strike leader Marwan Barghouti reportedly began refusing water on Wednesday in an effort to increase pressure on Israel to meet prisoners' demands which include the installation of public telephones and televisions in prison wards, the resumption of academic studies and bi-monthly visitations for inmates, and re-location to facilities in the Palestinian territories.

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I don't know why Israel always gives in to their threats. If they refuse to eat or drink then so be it, it's their decision.

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