Quantcast i24NEWS - Netanyahu's son curses leftist think tank in meeting to settle libel dispute

Netanyahu's son curses leftist think tank in meeting to settle libel dispute

Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, left, casts his ballot together with his parents at a polling station in 2013.
'F**k your mother, leftists!' Netanyahu said after a Molad representative remarked on his tardiness

Yair Netanyahu, the Prime Minister’s son cursed liberal think tank the Molad organization on Tuesday following a disagreement that erupted amid a meeting seeking to settle a libel lawsuit claim, the leftist group reported on Wednesday.

“F**k your mother, leftists!” Netanyahu said, swearing at the members of the Molad organization in attendance at the mediation meeting.

Netanyahu, according to think tank representative Sani Arazi, arrived 45 minutes late to the meeting where his insult appeared to be provoked by comments made by Arazi about his tardiness.

“What did we do to make the guy lose control?” Azari wrote in a Facebook post, “I accidentally dared to comment that he was 45 minutes later for the meeting and he didn't even bother to apologize or explain.”

“In response, Yair lost control, cursed and ran from the room in panic,” Azari continued.

In August, Molad filed a lawsuit against Yair Netanyahu for defamation over a Facebook post where they accused him of trying to “shame” the group.

Under the headline, “5 facts about Yair Netanyahu, our national son,” Project Sixty One run by Molad, condemned the Israeli premier’s son for living off his parents at the taxpayer’s expense, taking expensive holidays, the influence he asserts on his father and promoting the boycott of Arab-owned businesses.

In response, Yair accused the NGO of being a “radical, anti-Zionist organization funded by the Foundation for the Destruction of Israel and the European Union.”

“How nice that your side is always going on about incitement, demonization, character assassination and crossing of red lines,” he continued according to the Times of Israel.

The defamation charge filed by Molad amounts to 140,000 NIS, Yair also registered a counterclaim for the same sum.

Netanyahu’s lawyer Yossi Cohen reportedly told Molad’s Azari that Yair had “nothing to apologize for” further adding fuel to fire by claiming that the NGO was “anti-Zionist” because they “openly call for a change of government.”

The Molad Center for the renewal of Israeli Democracy works to “reinvigorate Israeli society by injecting new ideas into all spheres of public discourse,” according to their website. Known for its dovish approach, they believe that the Israeli “political system must be reorganized.” The NGO is opposed to settlements in the West Bank and seeks to promote the more “progressive” elements of Israeli society.


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