Populist TikTok influencer causes stir in Israeli politics


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Hadar Mokhtar
Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90Hadar Mokhtar

Campaign against exorbitant rent thrown into disarray by revelation party leader is a property owner

Hadar Mokhtar, leader of the Youths on Fire movement, is a 20-year-old Israeli running for parliament in the November general election

Her goal is to become the minister of housing, which is a theme at the center of her energetic grassroots campaign highlighting the high cost of living and the young generation's struggles with making rent. 

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Mokhtar, who has over 80,000 followers on TikTok, highlighted her generation's struggles with the housing market with frequent references to her own frustrations.

However, following a TV report revealing that she owned property, she acknowledged that her father bought her an apartment in the coastal city of Haifa for 825,000 shekels ($239,516).  

"My father bought this apartment with his pension money. My father will be poor because he takes care of his children," Mokhtar said.

"My only way to get an apartment is through inheritance. I don't want to ruin my dad's pension. That's why I'm fighting. I want my own apartment, not the pension money of my father," added Mokhtar. 

So far polls projected the Youths on Fire movement to fall well short of the electoral threshold. 

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