Quantcast i24NEWS - Amid Netanyahu investigations, Israel falls in 2018 world corruption index

Amid Netanyahu investigations, Israel falls in 2018 world corruption index

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issues a statement Israel backing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as de facto president, January 27, 2019

Amid ongoing investigations that may lead to an indictment against Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges, the country has fallen slightly in a list ranking corruption in 180 countries.

For 2018, Israel tied with Botswana for the 34th spot on Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, falling slightly from its place at 32nd in 2017 and 28th in 2016. According to the scale, this means Israel is becoming more corrupt.

In addition to the country rankings list, a team of researchers from seven global institutions gave Israel a score of 61/100, on a scale where 100 represents “very clean” and 0 is “highly corrupt.”

As far as Middle Eastern countries were concerned, Israel was scored as the third “cleanest.” The United Arab Emirates (UAE) received a score of 70 and was ranked 23rd, while Qatar placed just above Israel in the 33rd spot with a score of 62.

Surpassed by Scandinavian countries, much of Western Europe, Australia, and Canada, the United States received a score of 71 and was listed as 22nd on the world list. The US score has begun decreasing after the election of President Donald Trump in 2016.

Denmark received the highest score at 88 with New Zealand coming in second with 87.

Uruguay (23), Barbados (25), Chile (27) and Brunei (31) were all ranked higher than Israel overall.

The lowest ranking Transperancy International previously awarded Israel was during 2006, when Ehud Olmert replaced Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister.

Among OECD countries, of which there are 36, Israel placed 23rd. The Czech Republic (59), Lithuania (38), Latvia and Spain (tied at 41), South Korea (45), Hungary (64) and Greece (67) were all ranked lower than Israel.


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