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Nissan car ad featuring same-sex couples angers rabbis in Israel

"Nissan and Mitsubishi are discussing various matters including capital cooperation, but nothing has been decided," Nissan said in a brief statement
Toshifumi Kitamura (AFP/File)
"In our family car there is a mother and a father" the group responded on a counter-campaign

A series of new Nissan car ads featuring same-sex couples have angered a group of religious Zionist rabbis in Israel, who have accused the Japanese car company of 'interfering with the family' by changing its traditional definition.

The promotional advertisements for Nissan's new Sentra family model were published in Israeli newspapers for the first time over the weekend, and feature one of two images -- a same-sex male couple or a same-sex female couple -- embracing their children along with the tagline, "Put your family in the Sentra". 

The ads angered the Hotam forum, an umbrella group of religious research institutes in Israel, which launched a counter-campaign against the ad on Facebook, the Times of Israel reports.

The group superimposed a stop sign over Nissan's original ad along with the words: "In our family car there is a mother and a father"

"It seems to us you’re a bit confused and need to recalculate your route." the group wrote. "It’s a great shame if a man decides to live with a man, or a woman decides to live with a woman."

"There is only one kind of family: a mother, a father, with shared children. That’s what a normal family looks like. That’s what a Jewish family looks like…you can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to reality."

Facebook users left comments slamming the group's message.

"Only we will decided what a family is," one user wrote. "Well done Nissan."

"In ‘our’ family only dad can drive, because it’s not decent for women to have a license," a more cynical commenter jibed.

While gay marriage is not yet legal in Israel, since 2006 same-sex couples who get married abroad can have their marriage recognized by the state.

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