Quantcast i24NEWS - Coca Cola Israel made donation to right-wing group Im Tirzu

Coca Cola Israel made donation to right-wing group Im Tirzu

The Coca-Cola Co and PepsiCo, from 2011 to 2015, sponsored 96 national health organizations battling public health problems, but at the same time lobbied against 29 public health bills intended to improve nutrition
Eric Piermont (AFP/File)
The Israeli bottling company donated some $14,000 to the right-wing group in 2015

Coca-Cola Israel donated nearly $14,000 to the right-wing activist group Im Tirtzu in 2015, Haaretz daily reported.

A document released by an accountant for the corporation’s authority revealed that, while Im Tirtzu wished to keep the donation a secret, there was no legal justification to do so. The donation was made public by a senior member of the Israeli left-wing political party Meretz.

In 2015, the group issued an apology on its Facebook page after the group faced harsh criticism for saying that it would mount billboard ads and release a report listing hundreds of artists considered by the group to be linked to the left.

In the apology, Im Tirtzu stated "we were wrong," and claimed that the post was a mistake.

“We posted a mistaken post on a topic that is very important and essential, and precisely because of that we should have done more to be more careful,” the Facebook post read.

"There was no 'campaign', nor were there statements about' traitors' that the media affiliated with us and that we never said. We take full responsibility and promise to continue to work with great faith for the sake of Israel and IDF soldiers," it continued, adding that "we will continue to deliver sharp criticism of organizations presenting IDF soldiers as war criminals and against those who call for a boycott of the state."


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