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Israeli indicted for allegedly killing daughter for dating Muslim man

Israeli police have arrested an elderly man who burnt a nurse alive at a clinic after apparently being dissatisfied by the treatment he had received
Police had previously questioned Henriette Kara's parents after she filed a complaint against them

The Israel's Central District Attorney's Office announced on Sunday that an indictment had been filed against Sami Kara from the central town of Ramle, for the murder of his 17-year-old daughter, Henriette Kara. According to the indictment, the father stabbed his daughter to death due to his opposition of her relationship with a young Muslim man.

Henriette Kara, 18, was found dead in her home in June the day after her high school graduation. She had stab wounds to the neck.

According to the indictment, Kara left home at the end of May because she felt her life was in danger due to her parents' reaction to her relationship was a young Muslim man who was in prison. She stayed in various places, including with the man's mother.

A few days before the murder, her family found her and one relative broke her cell phone. When her father arrived, he allegedly struck his daughter and said, "However long I've spent in prison, I will spend my entire life in prison - I do not care."

A relative of the teen, George Kara, is a prominent Christian Arab Supreme Court judge who reportedly heard about the murder during his swearing-in ceremony at President Reuven Rivlin's residence.

Previously Henriette Kara's parents had been questioned by police after she filed a complaint against them and asked if she could live with a relative instead. Israeli daily Haaretz reported at the time that her mother had thrown a pot at her head because she objected to her dating the Muslim man.

The police have denied that they were negligent in Kara's case, saying that "immediately after receiving her complaint, her parents were interrogated under caution. Throughout her interrogation, the deceased did not claim that she was threatened and did not feel her life was in danger. Welfare officials were updated immediately as is customary in events involving minors."

Aida Touma-Sliman from the Arab Joint List party and chair of the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality, decried the situation, saying that “apparently women’s lives are cheap in this country,” Haaretz reported.

"Instead of the murders leading to the formulation of an emergency plan, [the authorities] can’t seem to free the system from its apathy.”

She continued, “I am calling for an emergency meeting of the ministerial committee for the prevention of violence against women, and for the immediate adoption of the plan drawn up six months ago in addition to taking emergency steps to stop this ongoing injustice.”

In September 2014, an inter-ministerial committee was established to combat the problem of domestic violence in Israel. However, despite the government budgeting for the recommendations, they have yet to be implemented.

According to figures provided by police and various organizations, the number of Israeli Arab women murdered by spouses and male relatives in so-called “honor killings” outweighs their percentage in the population: whereas they account for some 16% of the country’s females, their part among those murdered is much higher, reaching 25% and even 33% some years.

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