Quantcast i24NEWS - Netanyahu wishes Christians in Israel and around the world, a 'merry Christmas'

Netanyahu wishes Christians in Israel and around the world, a 'merry Christmas'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a conference at the foreign ministry in Jerusalem, Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017.
AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner
Netanyahu also offered Christians a guided tour in Israel during next year's Christmas holiday.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed his Christmas greetings on the eve of the holiday from Jerusalem, to the Christian citizens of Israel as well as Israel’s many Christian friends around the globe..

“I'm very proud to be the Prime Minister of Israel, a country that says Merry Christmas, first to its Christian citizens, and to our Christian friends around the world!” Netanyahu said, with a panoramic view of Jerusalem behind him.

“I'm proud that Israel is a country in which Christians not only survive but they thrive because we believe in this friendship among people, and we protect the rights of everyone to worship in the holy shrines behind me.”

Netanyahu, who was standing outdoors, noted in the very beginning of the video that he was sharing his Christmas greetings despite the inclement weather.

“Rain or shine, right now it just rained, I’ll always be here for you,” he said.

Guided tour in the Holy Land next Christmas

The prime minister also seized upon the opportunity to not only invite Christians overseas to visit the Jewish state during Christmas next year but to offer them a guided tour of his own at important religious sites.

“I'm going to take, next year, on Christmas, for those of you who come to Israel...a guided tour,” Netanyahu said. “In fact, I'll be your guide on this guided tour!”

“Think of all the places you can walk,” he continued. “You can go to the 'Jesus Boat' in the Sea of Galilee, you can get to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher right behind me, any places that you want to visit in the footsteps of Jesus, and the origin of our Judeo-Christian heritage.”

Finishing off the video, Netanyahu reiterated his invitation.

“So please come to Israel, next year in Jerusalem, and merry Christmas to all of you!"


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