Quantcast i24NEWS - Beer Sheva to build biggest artificial lake in Israel

Beer Sheva to build biggest artificial lake in Israel

A graphic shows the plan for Israel's largest man-made lake being built near Beer Sheva in Israel's south
City of Beer Sheva
Construction on artificial lake hosting fish, swans and small boats to be completed in 2018

Construction to build Israel's largest man-made lake, spanning 90 dunams, in the southern city of Beer Sheva began recently, the Israeli Ynet news site reported Friday.

The lake will be filled with high quality reclaimed water from the city's water treatment facility and will feature range of fish, swans and small boats.

City of Beer ShevaThe project is estimated to cost NIS 100 million ($25.45 million) and will be funded by the city of Beer Sheva, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the KKL and the US JNF.

Work on the lake is set for completion in 2018.

The construction is an important and central step in the project to develop a large park in the Beer Sheva River area, which will include a body of water spanning 90 dunams, a boardwalk, bike and running paths, a central island, a bird island, a pier and bridges, unique water fountains, three picnic areas, 15 dunams of decking, meeting areas, commercial areas, restaurants, cafes and restrooms, as well as large grass fields for the public at large to enjoy.

The project including the lake will span an area of about 450 dunams, and will be completely open to the public once completed.

The construction work on the lake is being conducted by the KKL, in cooperation with the Shikma-Basor Drainage Authority, and the Economic Organization for the Development of Beer Sheva.

The mayor of Beer Sheva, Ruvik Danilovich, who green lighted the project, visited the construction site a number of times in recent weeks, and even held a tour for Environmental Protection Minister, Avi Gabai, in order to closely watch the progress of the work.

City of Beer ShevaDanilovich said: "The lake facility will be the focal point of the Beer Sheva River Park. We are creating an attraction on an international level, and are turning the city into a living breathing oasis, for the benefit of all the Negev's citizens."

"In working with all our trusted partners, we are turning a dream into reality and pushing forward true change. The entertainment and vacation culture of the entire Negev are going to change dramatically. It is truly visionary to see boats sailing, fish swimming, and swans resting in the heart of the desert," Danilovich said.

"In addition to these things, the park will provide varied facilities for the public's enjoyment and needs. I want to thank the Israeli government – the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the KKL, and the US JNF for the opportunity to make this vision a reality," he added.


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