Israel's first public transit cable car begins operations in Haifa


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The new cable railway in the northern Israeli city of Haifa on March 8, 2022.
Shir Torem/Flash90The new cable railway in the northern Israeli city of Haifa on March 8, 2022.

Most of the passengers expected to be students

Israel for the first time on Monday integrated cable cars into its public transit network in the northern city of Haifa, Walla! News reports.

The cable cars run some 2.7 miles from Haifa Bay transportation center to the Neve Sha'anan neighborhood, the Technion and the University of Haifa. ...

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Most of the passengers are expected to be students, with the journey from Haifa Bay Central Station to the Technion taking about 10 minutes and another 9 minutes from the Technion to the University of Haifa.

There are 150 total cable cars with a capacity of 10 passengers each, departing every 15 seconds from the stations. The total capacity is 2,400 passengers per hour in each direction. 

The elevation gain is over 1,500 feet across the hilly port city situated along the Mediterranean coastline.

In a concession to the ultra-Orthodox, the cable cars will not operate on Saturday, which is the Jewish Sabbath.

The cost of the long-delayed project is estimated at over $93 million.

Haifa Mayor Einat Kalisch-Rotem is not a fan of the project due to the delays and the lack of service to the Neve Sha'anan neighborhood, according to the report.

However, the city's former mayor, Yona Yahav, who was a promoter of the project, told Walla! News that he was "excited" to ride the cable cars.

"The cable car will take thousands of cars off the roads, and they will feel it on the municipal arteries in Haifa," he said. 

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