Google opens school for high-tech professionals at Israeli university

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High-tech development centers in Herzliya, Israel.
Gili Yaari/Flash90High-tech development centers in Herzliya, Israel.

The School of High Tech offers courses in computer programming, sales, software testing and data analysis

Google and Israel's Reichman University announced on Monday that they have set up a school to train high-tech professionals. 

The School of High Tech offers courses in computer programming, sales, software testing, business development and data analysis among other subjects, according to the university’s statement.

Students from under-represented communities “including women, the ultra-Orthodox, Arabs, members of the Ethiopian community and people from the geo-social periphery and disadvantaged socio-economic groups," will be subsidized. Google will also provide scholarships to students.

"We believe that a variety of voices, opinions and perspectives enriches Israeli high-tech and its developments," said managing director of Google Israel Barak Regev.

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Courses will be presented in the next few weeks and will be held at the Google Campus in Tel Aviv and the Reichman University in the city of Herzliya in central Israel. Upon completing them students will earn credit towards a degree. 

The goal of the project is to boost the number of skilled tech professionals which Israel’s booming tech sector is seeing a shortage of. According to the Israeli Tech Review, in the first half of 2022 alone Israeli tech companies raised about $10 billion in investments. 

Google is among world’s leading companies that are expanding their business in Israel. Earlier on Friday, the tech giant announced the launch of a local cloud region for Israel that is expected to contribute a cumulative $7.6 billion to the country’s GDP. 

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