TRENDS and i24NEWS sign joint research cooperation agreement


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The Emirati TRENDS Institute and the international channel i24NEWS sign a research cooperation agreement, May 11, 2022.
TRENDS PRThe Emirati TRENDS Institute and the international channel i24NEWS sign a research cooperation agreement, May 11, 2022.

The agreement signed in Abu Dhabi 'will contribute to the spread of knowledge, peace and stability'

TRENDS Research and Advisory and the Israel-based international news channel i24NEWS signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of strengthening research cooperation. The agreement will allow the two sides to produce joint media content, exchange data, and host experts as guests and commentators on the channel's programs.

The agreement was signed by the CEO of Trends Research and Advisory, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, and his counterpart from i24NEWS, Mr. Frank Melloul, in the presence of the heads of the departments at TRENDS headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

The agreement stipulates that TRENDS will provide i24NEWS with the latest research data on diplomatic, political, social, and economic issues, with a focus on the developments taking place in the Middle East, particularly after the signing of the Abraham Accords.

Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, said that the signing of the agreement with i24NEWS will contribute to the spread of knowledge, peace, and stability. He noted that this agreement comes within the framework of TRENDS’ mission to strengthen its partnerships with media and research institutions in the region and around the globe.

 The CEO of TRENDS also expressed his pleasure at cooperating with such a reputable media platform as i24NEWS, known for its objective and reliable reporting.

On his part, Frank Melloul, the CEO of i24NEWS, expressed his happiness at signing this agreement, stressing that he looked forward to receiving research data on the latest developments in the Middle East, underlining that cooperation and partnership with TRENDS will enrich the media content with data based on solid and documented research. He said that such an agreement would promote the dissemination of knowledge, emphasizing TRENDS’ reputation in producing high-quality research and providing valuable insights on current issues.

On her part, Elyazia AlHosani, Director of the Media Department at TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that the center seeks to provide diversified research content with the highest levels of professionalism and accuracy. She noted that the cooperation agreement with the Israeli channel i24NEWS comes at a time when there is a great need to disseminate reliable information and promote the values of tolerance and coexistence, while rejecting all forms of hatred. She also emphasized that cooperation between research and media centers would enable the shaping of public opinion through credible and reliable sources.

About i24NEWS:

In July 2013, i24NEWS launched three new news channels in English, French and Arabic. From its specially-built studios in Jaffa Port, on the shores of the Mediterranean, the channel began broadcasting international news alongside extensive coverage of the Middle East. From its first broadcast until today the channel is fulfilling its vision of broadcasting quality, unbiased, reliable reports to the world accompanied by a wide range of viewpoints, analysis and opinions.

In addition to up-to-the-minute news, the channel also features a wide variety of current affairs shows and reports on such subjects as economy, defense, sport, hi-tech and other topics. Culture magazine shows and special interviews are broadcast between the hourly news updates. Great emphasis is placed on hosting panel discussions featuring guests with different and differing views, to better illustrate the complexity of stories. As the only truly independent international news channel in the Middle East, i24NEWS television channels and websites cover a wide range of topics and place them on the day's news agenda.

i24NEWS' unique coverage is to a large extent due to the special make-up of the channel – more than 150 journalists who hail from 35 different countries and who work effortlessly together.  

In 2017, after only four years on air, i24NEWS expanded into the North American market and opened bureaus in the United States. Today, the channel has studios in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, France, the United States and deploys correspondents all over the world. i24NEWS is broadcast around the world through satellite and cable platforms. The channel continues to garner viewers and is now available to one billion households. 

Following the Abraham Accords, i24NEWS signed a various of MoU and partnership agreements with leading companies in the UAE. In 2021, the channel received a UAE broadcast license and launched its studios in Dubai. The channel continues to consistently expand its activities in the Middle East, while creating opportunities for collaborations and signing a variety of agreements that will enrich cooperation in other countries in the region, the most recent of which is Bahrain.

Although i24NEWS has been broadcasting for only a few years, it continues to gain international recognition as a source of reliable and accurate information. i24NEWS reports and interviews are regularly cited in other media, exemplifying the regard in which the channel is held.  

i24NEWS is part of the Altice Group, owned by respected businessman Patrick Drahi and since its inception has been led by CEO Frank Melloul.

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