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Israel pulls out of windsurfing competition in row over displaying national flag

Israeli windsurfers
Malaysian organizers told Israelis that they wouldn't be allowed to compete with Israeli flags or play anthem

The Israel Sailing Association decided Wednesday not to send two young windsurfers and their coach to a windsurfing competition set to begin Sunday in Malaysia after organizers did not agree to letting them compete with the Israeli flag or play the national anthem.

The association announced that windsurfers Yoav Omer and Noy Drihan and coach Meir Yaniv would not be attending the ISAF Youth World Sailing Championship in Langkawi, Malaysia.

The association's union sent a message to the International Sailing Federation, the International Olympic Committee, the organizers of the competition in Malaysia and the Olympic Committee of Israel. 

Israel Sailing Association head Gili Amir said: "Because to this day they have not received visas, 24 hours before their planned departure, and the limitations and difficulties imposed on us by the Malaysian organizing committee, we decided not to participate in the competition."

"The organizers of the competition in Malaysia stipulated that in order to participate in the competition the Israeli athletes would have to compete without an Israeli flag and without any symbols associated with the state of Israel on their clothing and surfboards as well as not playing the Israeli national anthem if any medals were won," Amir added.

Amir said that the Malaysian demands were unacceptable and since the windsurfers did not receive their visas, Israel decided not to participate. "We condemn the unsportsmanlike conduct of the organizing committee of the competition," Amir said. "We will not accept being humiliated and we are looking into making a claim against the International Sailing Federation and the host country, in coordination with the Olympic Committee of Israel."



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