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Israeli tech firm extracts water out of air

Water-Gen's water generating machine
Water-Gen out to improve the quality of life of billions who suffer from poor access to safe drinking water

The atmosphere enclosing our planet is filled with water vapor from the bodies of liquid water around us. As everyone learned in middle school, when the temperature of the vapor descends below a certain point, it morphs back into water.

An Israeli technology firm has designed a device that could offer a solution for supplying water to isolated and remote areas: a portable water generator that distills water from the air by suctioning it in and cooling it down (much in the fashion an air conditioner does).

The United Nations General Assembly recognized access to clean water as a human right in 2010, yet it remains one of the most pressing humanitarian issues in the world: according to the World Health Organization (WHO), some 884 million people lack access to safe drinking water and more 2.6 billion do not have access to basic sanitation.


Earlier this year, Water-Gen was among the Israeli companies presenting technological innovations at the United Nations General Assembly.

Founded in 2009 and based in the central Israeli city of Rishon Lezion, Water-Gen states its mission is "to improve the quality of life of billions that suffer from poor water sanitation or accessibility to safe drinking water, regardless to their nationality, skin color, or religious belief."

"Generating the water directly from the air enables water-gen’s solutions to be completely independent and autonomous, requiring no infrastructure what so ever but electricity, making it literally a plug and drink solution, aimed for everyone."

So far, however, its biggest clients have been militaries: US Army, British MOD, India, France and, above all, Israel Defense Forces, all of which tested its products.

Presently Water-Gen is working on making its products available and affordable for private consumption.

Its products include atmospheric water generators, water purification units and water treatment units for the purification and management of air conditioner run-off water.



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