Qatar 2022 World Cup Predictions: i24NEWS staff pick their bracket

Joey Leizerowitz

i24NEWS Qatar 2022 World Cup Correspondent

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World Cup Prediction Bracket
i24NEWSWorld Cup Prediction Bracket

Who will be crowned World Cup Champions in Qatar? The i24NEWS staff give us their predictions

After years of qualification and anticipation, the FIFA World Cup is finally upon us. From all the nations of the world, thirty-two countries are in Qatar to crown a new World Cup Champion.

Who will that champion be? We asked some of the most footy obsessed and knowledgable minds at i24NEWS for their predictions. Here is who they have lifting the trophy at Lusail Stadium on December 18th.

Joey Leizerowitz

i24NEWS Qatar 2022 World Cup Correspondent 

i24NEWSJoey Leizerowitz's World Cup Prediction Bracket

Champion: Brazil

Runner Up: Denmark

I would be lying if I said I had conviction in my picks, I might have changed my bracket at least five times over the past week.

First, don't knock my Canada pick. The Canadians are not getting enough hype because they qualify from North America, but they were pretty dominant in qualification and have the top level talent and style of play to really test Belgium and Croatia. 

My other two dark horses, Serbia and Denmark, are ready for the big time. I almost picked Serbia to make the semifinal, but it is difficult to see them going that far when they've never made it out of the group at a World Cup before.

Denmark on the other hand might be the best European side at this tournament, at least on the pitch. France have the most talented roster, but their injuries combined with the infighting and path to the final make it difficult to see the French repeat as champions. Denmark have a good balance across the board, and if one of their strikers can carve out the number nine slot, watch out.

That leaves my pick to win it all: Brazil. Honestly, it's a coin flip for me between Brazil or Argentina to win in Qatar. In the build up to the tournament I had Argentina just a peg above Brazil, mostly due to how the two matchup against each other and it is seemingly inevitable the face each other in the semifinal. Now though, after the injuries to Argentina's midfield, especially to Giovani Lo Celso, I think Brazil will be able to slightly overpower their hated South American rivals just enough on their road to adding a sixth star to their kits. 

The Hexa is coming!

Joe Brown

i24NEWS Senior Producer

i24NEWSJoe Brown's World Cup Predictions Bracket

Champion: Brazil

Runner Up: Belgium

First things first – yes, I don't think France will make it out their group. I'm not doing this to be edgy, or because I really hate the i24NEWS French channel, but World Cup winners are cursed. Four out of the last five reigning champions haven't made it out their group, including France in 2002. On paper, they have one of the best squads at the tournament. But big squads come with big personalities, and I wouldn't be surprised if their campaign is dogged by reports of clashes between players like Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappe, potentially leading to an implosion similar to the 2010 World Cup side. 

Similarly, I don't think Spain will make it out their group due to a mixture of having Germany in their group and also based off vibes. I will not elaborate further.

On the other end of the bracket, Brazil look to have a very solid squad with amazing squad depth, especially in midfield and attack. If their geriatric full-backs don't let them down, they should be an interesting team to watch and a safe bet for the finals. I've decided to go a bit left field with Belgium making the final. 

In recent tournaments, they seem to have had a weight on their shoulders as they have tried to utilize their "Golden Generation," starring Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne. Bar De Bruyne, one may argue that these players may be past their peak. But now the albatross of this title has been lifted from their necks, I do believe that the lack of pressure will help them get close to glory – as this may be their last chance for a long time.

This is of course all irrelevant because everyone knows that Harry Maguire and his massive quadrilateral head will fire England to our first World Cup win in 56 years. It's coming home!

Benita Levin

i24NEWS Host

i24NEWSBenita Levin's World Cup Predictions Bracket

Champion: Brazil

Runner Up: Belgium

My picks are based on a personal passion for Brazil – which has nothing to do with sport! It's just on my bucket list of places to visit (Follow me for me sporting advice…)!

These choices are also based on the fact that I am close to a few die-hard football experts who talk incessantly about this sport…

I was also lucky enough to be working in South Africa during the World Cup 2010 – our news team covered every aspect of this spectacular sporting event, which is not only about the players, but is also about the fans, the victories, the disappointments… and the power of sport to break down barriers.

Pablo Vinocur

i24NEWS Head of Social Media Strategy 

i24NEWSPablo Vinocur's World Cup Predictions Bracket

Champion: Argentina

Runner Up: England

World Cup 2022 will be out of surprises. France will join the tradition of champions, and will go out on first round due to the players that got injured before the World Cup.

Argentina will be playing the best soccer of the tournament and Brazil will shine, but Argentinian soccer will prevail in all its glory and Messi will lead the way to the third world cup for Argentina.

England will reach the final by beating Croatia in semifinals, a revenge from Russia 2018.

The final will be a tough game, but Lautaro Martinez will score two goals for Argentina and the cup will go back to South America after 20 years.

Fabio Schapiro

i24NEWS Producer

i24NEWSFabio Schapiro's World Cup Predictions Bracket

Champion: Brazil

Runner Up: Belgium

As France did at the last World Cup in Russia, Brazil will win a World Cup 20 years since the last tittle.

Covid-19 affected the whole world, including having a huge impact on the football world. Since Russia, the teams have become more leveled, and the introduction of the Nations League has made Europe too comfortable, unaware of the surprises of the other continents.

In one side of the Bracket, Brazil will face the path of the champions, and although they can expect a hard semifinal against Argentina, the tittle will come against Belgium, who will be facing an easier path against European sides it is used to beating. 

Surprises may come, such as Qatar, who prepared itself over the last four years for the competition, or Japan, which is facing a beaten and bruised Germany in the group stage. 

And tough France will beat the winner’s curse and qualify to the knockout stage, but the loss of so many players to injury should result in a flight back to Paris early after the Round of 16.

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