i24NEWS speaks with Iranian football fan at World Cup in Qatar

Jonathan Regev, Qatar

i24NEWS Sports Correspondent | @JRegevi24news

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Iranian football fans wave the national flag
AFP PHOTO/ATTA KENAREIranian football fans wave the national flag

'To me all the nations are friends'

An Iranian soccer fan shared his thoughts with i24NEWS on the World Cup in Qatar, the political situation around his national team and relations between Israelis and Iranians. 

Shervin, who came to Doha from Tehran, agreed to talk to i24NEWS correspondent, despite many Iranians refusing to be interviewed by an Israeli reporter. 

“It’s ok, we are all human beings, I don’t care about politics,” he stated, adding that it was the governments who “are against each other.” 

Commenting on why his compatriots refused to to speak with i24NEWS, Shervin suggested it was not out of the hostility towards the Israelis but because they could be fearing consequences “you may face when you go back to Iran.” 

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Shervin expressed hope that the political situation in Iran, where nearly 400 people were killed in the brutal crackdown on protesters over the last three months, would not be ignored ahead of today's match between Iran and England.

He added that many Iranians are hoping that their national team will lose because the players are perceived as the “regime's team.” 

“We have such big problems especially nowadays in Iran that in every major and in every small city, on every corner everybody is looking at this team. To me it is the national team. Those national teams belong to the nations, not to the regimes or governments or states,” he said, adding that it saddened him that “people and the team are against each other.”  

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